Home Health Nurse Giving an Elderly Man a Sponge Bath To be eligible you must be:

  • Older than 65 (some disabled under 65 are exempt from this age requirement)
  • Homebound
  • Under a physician’s supervision (the physician must authorize the home health care plan)
  • In need of medically necessary skilled nursing or therapy


A program for low income individuals that provides federally assisted income maintenance payments such as Social Security income or Aid to Family with Dependent children. To qualify for Medicaid you must be:

  • Deemed “categorically needy” (individuals who are aged, blind, and/or disabled with incomes below federal poverty levels).

Home Health Nurse Helping an Elderly Man Get Dressed

Veterans Administration

Home healthcare may be covered for veterans through the Veterans Administration


Home care services can be paid for directly by the patient or his or her family members or through a variety of public and private sources.

Private Insurance or Worker’s Compensation

Many private insurance and worker’s compensation plans cover home healthcare when prescribed by a physician.


You may pay by yourself for home healthcare services if you do not meet the requirements of third-party payers.

Community Organizations

Depending on a patient’s eligibility and financial circumstances, certain community organizations may pay for all or part of the necessary home health or care services.


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